Our Coffee

Lulu coffee is all about quality and freshness. We always strive to roast and serve the very best products and we want to help our customers understand what goes into making a great cup of coffee.

  • We source only great coffees that we really like from around the world
  • We only roast by hand in small batches (up to 12kg)
  • Our packaging is designed to get the very best from the coffee and to keep it in the best possible condition
  • We never stop trying to be better, and that means lots of tasting, testing and quality control
  • Great coffee takes time.  Just roasted coffee needs a few days to relax, to degas and intensify before we package it for sale

Brew methods

Most of the coffee we sell starts with a shot of espresso, pulled from one of our custom built Conti machines, but we’re always experimenting and trying new ways to serve you great coffee.

We believe that many of the subtleties in our single origin roasts are best enjoyed using the classic Hario pourover method, which is always available in the shop but every now and then we’ll share something new or different with you – from the Aeropress or Chemex method to an old fashioned French press.