Coffee tastes best when it’s fresh. As soon as roasted beans come into contact with oxygen the slow process of staleing begins. After three weeks it loses its optimum flavour and attributes, which is why we roast our coffee in small batches on a daily basis – so you’ll only ever drink it when its at its best. Wander past the roastery and you’ll smell the fruits of our labour as the aroma of roasting coffee drifts down the street.

Roasting is part science and part craft, and the most important part of the journey that leads coffee cherries from the tree to your cup.  In days gone by, and in a number of coffee producing regions, it’s done in a bowl over a fire, but thankfully we have gas-fired and electric machines to do the job under the watchful eyes of our roaster.  Science helps us to extract the subtle and delicate flavours from each variety but we also rely on our judgement and taste to create the perfect blend and roast profiles. Each roast is then tasted, smelt, and examined before it goes anywhere near a grinder or cup. Starting with a great raw product is integral to this process; we source only the best speciality green beans and purchase them through brilliant suppliers.

If you’re curious about how we roast our coffee just drop in to the roastery and have a peek through the door, everything happens right there.