What is that new mail order packaging all about?

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Those of you that have ordered from our brand spanking new website may be wondering why we use different packaging to send out our coffee by mailorder. Well… there are a few good reasons, and it’s not because we’re really tight! I mean, it’s not just that.

1. Freshly roasted coffee gives off a lot of gas for the first few days after roasting. Naturally processed coffees (the sweet, low grown, Brazilian ones especially) can degas for a week before really settling down. The gas swells the bag and the box bottom bags you may have been used to seeing simply wouldn’t fit in your post box!

2. More space in the bag agitates the beans and seems to help the one way valve to work better, letting more gas escape.

3. We always want to give you great value for money and a thinner package keeps the postage costs down

4. The longer, flatter packaging also means we can put the postage labels on the back, saving the planet and your pocket from all that unnecessary packaging

5. It’s the same material we use for our wholesale packaging, and it’s tough enough to bump around in a postman’s bag all day – Whether the coffee is on its way to Stevenage or Singapore.

If you haven’t checked out the new site yet, (you’re probably already here) take a look around and read more about what we do. If you want to try out a new way of brewing, we’ve put together a series of brew guides to get the best out of your coffee – which you can download for free here

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