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Part of the fun of brewing coffee at home is the process of perfecting it — trying different things out and seeing what works, testing a new brew method and comparing it to your usual one.

But, let’s be honest: There’s also an aesthetic pull to all of those beautiful coffee tools we use to brew. We are as much fixated on the look of our coffee tools as we are on their function.

But functional they certainly are, if you walk into someone’s kitchen and see a Chemex and a gooseneck kettle, you can be sure you are going to get a good cup.

If you have been looking to up the game on your home coffee-brewing, here’s a selection of our favourite brewing tools that will help you not only make better coffee, but enjoy the process as well.

  • lulu coffee hertfordshire

    V60 Brewer

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  • Lulu coffee hertfordshire


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  • V60 Filters

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  • V60 Glass Brewer

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  • Aeropress filters

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  • Coffee Sack

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  • V60 Kit

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  • Lulu coffee hertfordshire

    Hand grinder

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