Rwanda coffee is taking the main stage!

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We’ve been buying Rwanda Coffee since 2013 and it’s been a big part of our offer ever since. The Mudlarks Garden Cafe in Hertford have always served a single origin Rwanda coffee as their main espresso and we’ve proudly searched out some fabulous crops from across the country, before settling on some brilliant farmers in the Kivu district. A 30 member farmers co-op called Inzovu. (That means elephant by the way)

Their coffee has been in the cup of excellence in recent years, and they produce consistently brilliant coffee year after year. With such a turbulent recent history in Rwanda, it’s great to be a (very) small part of keeping things stable in the country, through trade.

The jammy, citrussy, full bodied coffees were always a big hit with our customers on the brew bar and we’ve offered it a few times as a single origin for our bean customers to the shop.

We buy it because it has a bit of everything. It’s full bodied, rich and creamy, it’s got great balance so it’s a decent fit for every brew method and it’s packed with flavours of chocolate and orange.

It’s a fully washed coffee, so it’s really clean in the cup, it’s bright with plenty of smooth acidity and if you brew it delicately through a filter or aeropress, you can taste apricot, nectarine and black cherry too.

With so much going for it, it’s hardly surprising that we’ve always concentrated on our Rwandan Inzovu coffee as a single origin and have never put it in a blend.

Until now! We’ve had a few miserable, muddy, dull, flat batches of indonesian coffee lately. A once proud part of our core blends, it seems that it’s lost its sparkle a bit. Like chips without salt, like beans without butter.

Anyway, long story short – we’re bringing the Rwandan into our core blends to replace our Indonesian coffees.

What will you notice in the cup? More sweetness certainly, cleaner milk chocolate flavour and much less funk (that’s a technical term). A bit like turning up the volume on a song you love.

You can read more about the brilliant rwanda trading company here and if you’d like to find out more about the coffee we roast, you can learn more here!


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